Science Commons Seminar – 28 October, Canberra

Science Commons bannerFor all those people in Canberra who expressed interest in a CC Roadshow in the nation’s capital, you will be happy to know that we have slated a roadshow for early next year. In the mean time, IP Australia and ccAustralia are hosting a Science Commons seminar with John Wilbanks from Science Commons and ccAustralia’s Professor Brian Fitzgerald. Details after the cut.

Credits—Photo: Adaptation (crop and resize) of ‘Science Commons‘ by dullhunk, CC BY 2.0 Generic.

Roadshow reflections

CC Roadshow - Page banner

4 weeks, 6 cities, 30 speakers, 250+ attendees, countless questions and 280+ tagged tweets and the CC Roadshows are now over! The blog post is a few reflections from the ccAustralia on the roadshows. Please comment on this post with your thoughts; what worked? What didn’t? What information was good? What did we miss out? Which case studies and champions did you like?

For the slides, featured CC projects and other documentation see our roadshow wrap up.

We kicked things off in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria on 1 September where the breadth of represented CC project tussled with the amazing lunch spread for the audience’s attention. Despite the amazing catering, Justin Schmidt‘s tales of syndicated Digital Fringe content on dental surgeries screens, Chris Chinchilla‘s challenge to take to copies of Aduki Independent PressStick this in your memory hole with scissors and glue and Andrew Garton‘s reminder that sometimes playing guitar in the bush is more important than thinking about rights management, the projects had the audience and the Twitterverse abuzz.

From Melbourne we flew straight on to Perth for the second event at the State Library of Western Australia on 2 September. The West Coast audience was especially attentive and engaged, in spite of the beautiful panoramic view from the Great Southern Room! As always, Tama Leaver gave a compelling talk about CC as a education tool and Luke Steele did a fine spruk for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts record label, Slow Release (regardless of how nervous he was).

Credits—Image: Screen capture of Australia from OpenStreetMap, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic. Font: ‘Rawengulk‘ by GLuk, SIL Open Font 1.1. Icons: ‘Remix’, ‘Noncommercial’, ‘Attribution’, ‘Share Alike’, ‘Copy’ and ‘No Derivative Works’ icons by Creative Commons Corporation, CC BY 3.0 Unported.

Models are Hot: ccAustralia at the Brisbane Powerhouse next Tuesday

A social engagement for all those interested in digital music and online business models.

CCau’s Elliott Bledsoe is speaking at the Models are Hot event at the Brisbane Powerhouse next Tuesday as part of the Independent Music Project‘s Music Stimulants series. The panel, which also features alongside Tim Price from Musicadium and James Milsom from Melbourne-based group Ancient Free Gardeners, will explore new models of distribution, collaboration and commerce emerging around music in the digital age.

From the website:

For musicians these days, there is a sobering reality about the distribution of music content; wake up and smell the peer-to-peer! How can you ask for the cake and get to eat it too?

… It’s one thing for Girl Talk, Nine Inch Nails and Yoko Ono to give away their music, but what about at the other end of the scale? The panel will discuss new opportunities in the changed media environment, using Melbourne band Ancient Free Gardeners as a case study.

The panel is followed by a gig by Ancient Free Gardeners.

Music Stimulants is a series of monthly gigs and seminars being run by IMP in collaboration with the Powerhouse to bring musicians and music lovers together in stimulating discussion about today’s music.

Where: Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
When: Tuesday, 27 April, 6 – 8pm
Topic: Models are hot

Media 2010 Al Jazeera seminar

UPDATE 15/02/2010: Due to high interest the Media 2010 Satellite Seminar will now be held a the University of Technology, Sydney. Please see below for full venue details.

As part of Media 2010, X|Media|Lab and Creative Commons Australia invite you to join Moeed Ahmad, Head of New Media at Al Jazeera in conversation with Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Project Lead of Creative Commons Australia and Rami Olwan, Project Lead of Creative Commons Jordan to discuss free and open models of content management in the digital media environment.

Thursday 18 February, 12.00 – 1.00 pm
UTS Law moot court, UTS: Law
Block B, B, University of Technology, Sydney
Crn Quay Street and Ultimo Road, Haymarket, Sydney
(Google map).

Peers, patents, prior art: The launch of Peer-To-Patent Australia

funny pictures of cats with captions

Did you know that someone has a patent (US Patent 5443036) over using a laser pointer to exercise a cat? Serious. Likewise, The Walt Disney Company has a patent (US Patent 5392735) on a device for talking to dolphins (and perhaps even “whales and porpoises” too)? With approximately 1 million patents being applied for across the world each year the task of examiners especially in assessing new technologies has become increasingly difficult.

A new service in Australia will help sort the patent chaff. Starting this morning, the newly-launched Peer-To-Patent Australia project is designed to improve the process and the quality of issued patents by helping to assess whether an invention is new and inventive. How? With your help!