Creative Commons licences are currently used by government agencies at all levels – local, State/Territory and Federal – in Australia.

To find Creative Commons licenced material click here. Use the licence tool to find the appropriate licence for your work.

The implementation of Creative Commons in the Australian government in the past few years has been led by professor Anne Fitzgerald and Neale Hooper. You can read about there involvement in the government sector and obtain their contact details here.

What is Creative Commons?

A Shared Culture

An explanation of the concept of shared culture and how Creative Commons licences works in conjunction with this concept.

Creative Common Licences

This video explains the six types of Creative Commons licences and how they can be applied to your work.

Applying a Creative Commons licence to government material:

Check out the detailed CC & Government Guide: Using Creative Commons 3.0 Australia Licences on Government Copyright Material,  developed to assist government agencies in applying Creative Commons licences to their material.

Case Studies:

The Australian government have embraced the use of Creative Commons licences and released the entire 2010-11 Budget under a CC Attribution licence. Further government use of CC licences can be seen by the Australian Bureau of Statistics who now distribute all data using a CC Attribution licence.

For further information about government usage of Creative Commons licences check out the Australian section of the Government Use of Creative Commons page on the CC International wiki.

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