This is a year of change for the CC organisation and its members culminating in exciting opportunities to participate and collaborate.

Creative Commons around the world

Join us!

CCs structure and governance has transitioned from a headquartered organisation with country affiliates (e.g. CC Australia) to a distributed global model with individuals and organisations as members. Collectively, we are now known as the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN).

The practical effect and benefit of this is that now, anybody can actively participate in Creative Commons governance and projects. Individuals and organisations can do this by becoming members.

Membership creates no obligation to do anything other than support and evidence the goals of the organisation in your own practices/ projects. There are no financial obligations. Australian participants in the CCGN either by interest or membership become part of the Australian CC “chapter”.  In June, Australia held its first chapter meeting.  More information about the organisation, membership and participation: CC NetworkThere is no requirement for formal membership. Individuals can participate in the network and collaborate on projects, without needing to be members. Chapter meetings are open to non-members. Anybody can join CCs open channels which are for questions, discussion and sharing information about CCs current areas of focus: Join us in Slack.

Get involved with CC in Australia

Creative Commons Australia is the “chapter” of Creative Commons which administers the Australian Creative Commons licences and is made up of a community individuals and organisations interested in, and working on, open initiatives in Australia. See who’s leading CC Australia. In coming months we will introduce you to our members in a series of blogs.

We encourage and welcome people and organisations to participate in the Creative Commons Global Network and Australian chapter. Introduce yourself to the Australian chapter by email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an invitation to our meetings.

Creative Commons Certification course

This year CC has launched an online course for obtaining certification of expertise in Creative Commons. The course is a deep dive into understanding and applying CC licences, as well as anintroduction to CCs goals and values. There are two professional tracks- Librarians and educators. More information: Certificate program

Australian appointment to Creative Commons Board

Image: republica CC BY SA

Two new members have been appointed to the Board of Creative Commons- Delia Browne and Amy Brand. Delia heads the Australian National Copyright Unit and is the Education Sector Lead of Creative Commons Australia. Delia is a prominent copyright law reformist and advocate for copyright reform for education and the development of open education. Read more in this post from Creative Commons.

A new chapter for Creative Commons in New Zealand

Creative Commons work in New Zealand is now being supported by the organisation known as “Tohatoha” which means “share”. Theirs is a very interesting story of adapting to the needs and nature of their country’s information. 

As an organisation we have our roots in the open movement – open source, open access, open data – and we fiercely support openness. But there is still so much work to be done to bring marginalised voices to the centre and make space for new voices across the spectrum of New Zealand society.

Find out more: Creative Commons Aotearoa is now Tohatoha

News from the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG)

‘The Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG) works to advocate, collaborate, raise awarenes; and lead and build capacity for open access to all the outputs of scholarship in Australia and New Zealand.’ Creative Commons Australia and the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG) have an ongoing affiliation and partnership.

The AOASG run an excellent series of webinars, open to all.