Recently, the Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Program at QUT hosted an event examining ‘Open Education and the Future of Publishing Business Models.’ The day feature two parts; interactive workshops on Open Education and Licensing, and a panel event focusing more broadly on the future of publishing business models. You can view the recording from the day and access the speakers’ slides below.

Creative Commons Licensing and the Open Education Licensing Toolkit

First, hear Associate Professor Nic Suzor from QUT and Australian legal lead of Creative Commons AU present an update on the Creative Commons Network strategy and the exciting opportunities ahead.

Then, Robin Wright from Swinburne University of Technology and Dr Carina Bossu from University of Tasmania discuss issues around Open Education and demonstrate the OEL Toolkit. The Toolkit is a decision-tree web application designed support the use, creation, modifying or sharing of Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Australian higher education sector:

Panel: The Future of Publishing Business Models

How are publishers making sustainable business models by giving content away for free?

In this panel, you will hear from academic and industry experts about successful experiments over the past decade in developing new, open access business models. In bold transformations of existing publishing systems, these innovative new models are finding sustainable ways to give content away.

QUT’s IP & Innovation Law Research Group presents an opportunity to hear how institutions and businesses have flipped their business models to release their work for free to the public at large, including:

  • How Knowledge Unlatched has created a consortium of hundreds of libraries to release academic books for free online;
  • How CERN brought together over three thousand libraries to flip the subscription models of academic journals and make higher energy physics research accessible to the world.
  • How textbook publishers have helped governments redirect funds from purchasing to create much needed free and open education textbooks in maths and science.

Guests include:

Event slides