Our friends at Digital Fringe are at it again! The 2009 festival is calling for entries right now!!

Presented by the crazy crew at Horse Bazaar in association with Melbourne Fringe and Film Victoria, Digital Fringe is a worldwide web-based digital art festival providing artists with the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience. The chosen submissions will be screened through an extensive network of hundreds of public screens as well as played on the [http://digitalfringe.com.au Digital Fringe website]. The festival hosts an extensive range of digital art from visual works or animation, abstract, video art, short film, motion graphics, photography and other stills. Works are screened globally at a wide range of venues from bars and cafes to art galleries and cultural institutions and even public plazas like Federation Square.

Copyright of all works entered in the festival remains with the artist. Digital Fringe encourages participating artists to utilise the Creative Commons licensing scheme to choose the type of licence that best suits their needs. It’s up to you, the artist, to decide what rights you want to reserve and what rights you want to share.

Anyone can participate by submitting art or offering a venue. Entries must be received by 14 September to be included in the DVD distributed to over 200 screens. 2009 festival dates are from 23 September – 11 October.