Senator Kate Lundy at Public Sphere #2: Government 2.0: Policy and Practice by trib

Even as we speak, Senator Kate Lundy is hosting the 2nd of her Public Sphere forums: Government 2.0: Policy and Practice. For those unfamiliar with Public Sphere, it’s an initiative by Senator Lundy’s office to provide online and offline spaces to facilitate discussion of topics of interest to both the general public and to the government. They’re using various different online technologies combined with offline forums, to try to provide the greatest opportunity for participation by people from around Australia. This week’s forum, which is being held at Parliament House in Canberra, focuses on, to quote the site, “how creating an even more participatory form of government in Australia will improve the effectiveness of public administration, enable communities to better help themselves, promote renewed engagement in the democratic process and enhance our capacity to respond to emerging complex social, geopolitical and environmental challenges”.

They have some great and prominent speakers, including CCau’s lead, Professor Brian Fitzgerald, and, judging by the Twitter feed (hashtag #publicsphere), there’s some lively debate going on. The whole event is being streamed live, and there’s an event wall with live Twitter, blog and Flickr streams.