Everything Creative Commons Australia does is available for sharing and remixing. So why not make your own book, using only the case studies that interest you. Below are all the Indesign source files and the image files. So you can remix, recycle and reuse the book to create booklets, fact sheets or hand outs that are tailored to your region, field, or event. Just make sure you obey the CC Attribution licence for the text, and the licences for the individual photos (which you can find in the document).

If you want to reuse the Asia and the Commons booklet, download the AATC Indesign files (*.zip) and get remixing.

Likewise, you can download the AATC image files (*.zip) too. For full attribution and licence details for each photo, see the Indesign or PDF files.

Most of the fonts in the Asia and the Commons booklet are widely available. Those that are not we have provided a link for. The fonts used in the booklet are:

  • Trajan Pro – Booklet mast head, main headings and sub-headings;
  • Century Gothic – Mast head sub-title heading;
  • Arial – Copy text;
  • CC Icons 3.0 Unported – Creative Commons licence icons on cover; and
  • Bodoni Ornaments ITC and Adobe Wood Type Ornaments Std – Various flourishes and embellishments.

Icons: The ‘Fonts’ icon, which is from the Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo Coelho. It is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). All other icons are © 2008 Function. They were created by Liam McKay and are available for unfettered reuse so long as you link back to the icon set and you do not host them yourself. Per his requirements, you can find the icons here.