Sailing on a Sunday Morning
by magical-world CC BY-SA

Yes, that’s right – we’ve got an update on the Powerhouse Museum’s foray into the Commons on Flickr already.

As part of their initiative to release out-of-copyright photos from their Tyrrell Collection on Flickr (see below), Powerhouse has just launched a new initiative – Tyrrell Today. It aims to extend the Powerhouse Museum’s set of images on The Commons by allowing members of the public to post contemporary images from the same Sydney-centric locations as the original Tyrrell photos.

And, excitingly for us, they’re encouraging people to provide the photos under a CC licence, so that the Powerhouse can archive them as part of their ongoing collection.

Some of you might note that this is very similar to the Click and Flick project that the National Library has been running for the last couple of years, which allows people to add photographs to the national collection by uploading them to Flickr. However, PHM is making their initiative more interactive, by encouraging people to use the photographs to respond specifically to images from the original Tyrrell collection. People simply upload their photos onto Flickr, tag them with TyrrellToday, and then link to the original photo they’re ‘responding’ to. PHM also adds a geographical dimension by providing a map for people to identify where their photograph is from.

It’s great to see Australian institutions leading the world in using Web 2.0 technologies to help our national collections reach their full potential.

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