july 2007

artcast digital distribution workshop
friday 13 july 2007 @ qut creative industries precinct, musk avenue, kelvin grove, brisbane :: $220 per registrant (inc GST) :: hosted by artcast, cci + iCi

Artwork is going online. Websites, iPods and Mobile Phones are becoming the main channels through which individuals access, consume and interact with content. People are increasingly expecting that cultural products be available all the time in a range of formats.

Forms of culture which are not delivering digital and online parallels are cutting them selves off from the new generation of patrons. For commercial galleries, failing to go digital limits access to new markets. For artist run galleries, digital distribution is a cost effective way of expanding audience and reach. For institutional galleries, new ways of accessing gallery owned content can help fulfill their obligation to provide access to the State catalouge.

To have full exposure of cultural capital galleries need to find a way to efficiently and effectively of digitally distributing their catalouge. Projects like Artcast can not only deliver these services, but can dramatically increase the value of a gallery’s catalouge and of the profile of art.

Publishing artworks online can require a lot of technical knowledge. The workshop is aimed at enabling art gallery staff and artists to publish artworks online. The workshop will cover open content licensing (OCL), digital distribution, open business models and the Artcast egallery.

Speakers at the workshop include:

Jessica Coates – Digital rights expert (Project Manager, Creative Commons Clinic)

Elliott Bledsoe – Digital rights expert (Project Officer, Creative Commons Australia and Creative Director, Artcast)

Justin Brow – Digital Content Producer (Producter + Research Associate, Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation)

Leigh Grey-Smith – Web designer (Creative Director, Greytone Designs)

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