Interested in innovative film making online?

The Melbourne-based screen resources organisation, [OPEN CHANNEL](, is [calling for expressions of interest]( from film, sound and video artists wanting to take part in its upcoming Video Slam.

The Video Slam will take place over 48 hours, from 10am Sunday May 13 to 8pm Monday May 14, and will provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to collaborate to create a 10 minute digital short from original content and content found on the Web. Most excitingly for us – the entire thing will be licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

The whole event is being run as an Arts Law Week workshop exploring the use of Creative Commons licences for the creation of original digital content. The idea is to explore the possibilities for innovation and collaboration in this new medium, looking at different ways a group of people can work towards a single whole – for example, a different editor may be used for each scene, or five composers scoring two minutes a-piece, or three actors performing the same part directed by four directors.

The event will be run out of [Horse Bazaar](, with the final product being screened on Monday May 14 in Melbourne’s community and arts hub, [Federation Square](, and made available on the Open Channel and [EngageMedia]( websites.

If you have any kind of skill or interest in a relevant area (eg directors, technicians, performers, writers composers, production assistants) Open Channel wants you to get involved.