Elliott Bledsoe was recently accepted to the inaugural [Brightest Young Minds](http://www.bym.com.au), an annual summit of engaged young Australians with a social focus.

The summit aims to bring together 100 future leaders in an environment that encourages greater social responsibility and contribution to the common good.

Launched in Australia in July 2005 The Brightest Young Minds Foundation (BYM) is a not-for-profit organisation that rewards and fosters creativity, boldness, and passion in the leaders of tomorrow. In recognition that today’s Australian youth are more willing and enthusiastic to be involved in social projects than ever before, BYM provides the opportunity for experience, exposure, learning and development.

Elliott’s application focused on his project work with CCau at QUT, his body of popular press articles and his work on the Board of [Vibewire](http://www.vibewire.net/) Inc. He began work with Professor Brian Fitzgerald on the CC project in a volunteer capacity and has since come on board as a Project Officer, working to promote the use of the licences and to document/case study how CC is being used in Australia.