On 29 November, Creative Commons Australia and The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation will be hosting a series of industry meetings to discuss issues surrounding open content licensing in Australia. The forum will have three meeting streams:

1 Creative Commons + Government

2 Creative Commons, Open Access, Education + Libraries

3 Creative Commons, Creativity, Media + the Arts

You can download the program in pdf format below.

The forums aim to bring together representatives of Australian government, education, libraries and the creative industries (including film, music, publishing and multimedia) to discuss the various open content licensing projects that have commenced throughout the country and internationally; the potential for further implementation of the Creative Commons model in Australia; and the issues of technology, policy and law which need to be coordinated to provide a legally and operationally effective solution. The forum will also consider future projects and research that would assist in achieving the goal of utilising alternative licensing models to the benefit of Australian industry.

This series of forums aims to build upon the findings of the Australian Government’s Digital Content Industry Action Agenda, “Unlocking the Potential”, which aimed to identify opportunities and threats to the growth of Australia’s digital content industry, and advise strategies to take the industry forward and make it a major contributor to the Australian economy. One of the recommendations of the report was that Australian industry explore possibilities to engage with alternative approaches to IP licensing, such as Creative Commons. The Agenda concluded that an intellectual property framework that was abreast of changes in the way that intellectual property is created and disseminated was necessary to the growth of the digital content industry, and that alternative licensing approaches to IP were an essential part of such a framework.

The forum will be followed by drinks leading into the ccSalon which will showcase Australian Creative Commons licence users.

ccau industry forum is an invite-only event. For further information, please contact Elliott Bledsoe or Jessica Coates or you can phone us on (07) 3138 8301.