The event hosted by QUT Law School and the Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation was a great success. Organised by Professor Mark Perry (UWO, on sabattical at QUT), and Nic Suzor (QUT), the event saw Mia Garlick from [Creative Commons]( joining Professor Brian Fitzgerald from Creative Commons Australia and [Richard Neville](, [Toby Miller](, and [Dean Whitbread]( to discuss the direction of intellectual property in the 21st century. Other QUT researchers present included [Axel Bruns](, Dilan Thampapillai, and Anne Matthew.

Everyone met in [Second Life](, a fantastic Virtual World created by Linden Labs.

![Image of the stage](/images/2006-worldipday-sl-seminar.jpg)

You can find the recording [here](/materials/2006-WorldIPDay-QUT-CCI-IPKCE-SecondLife.mp3) (~28MB mp3).

Here are some of the links referenced in the discussion:

* Dean Whitbread has some [further information](

* Axel Bruns has blogged his discussion at [Snurblog](