iCommons Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 23-25 June, 2006

The past few years has seen the burgeoning of a number of initiatives
aimed at opening the fields of creativity, science and knowledge in
communities around the world. Practitioners from these movements
currently identify themselves as falling within a particular community
– ‘free and open source software’, ‘open access’, ‘open content’ and
‘open science’, amongst others – but they share key processes and
values whose common elements are yet to be fully realized.

This year’s iCommons Summit aims to bring together, in a creative,
stimulating and cooperative environment, the pioneers from these
communities – to inspire and learn from one another and establish
closer working relationships around a set of incubator projects. With
participation by commons communities from Creative Commons, Wikipedia,
Science Commons, Ubuntu, A2K and others, this year’s Summit is set to
be one of the most exciting events for creative and knowledge commons
pioneers from around the world.