adding standard Creative Commons licences to your music files

choose a licence step 3: choose a licence

Embedding mp3s doesn’t actually require the use of the licence chooser, but we suggest you use it anyway, because the easy to use interface will help you focus on what licence is appropriate for you. Fill in the questions and the appropriate licence is automatically generated.

launch licence chooser


step 4: download a tagger

Now you add licence information to your mp3 tag. If you don’t already have a method for tagging your mp3s, Nathan Yergler created ccTag, a program that allows you to simply choose a file and apply a licence to it (see step 5 and 6). Simply download it and you can start embedding.


paste the code step 5: apply the code to your mp3

First choose the file that you wish to tag. Then embed the licence details. This is where step 3 is important. Using the “License URL” dropdown menu, you indicate to ccTag what licence is applicable to the chosen mp3. Indicate the licence that was generated for you in step 3. Simply click on the appropriate licence and press “embed.”


One long term vision is to have a desktop tool that one could drag any media one wanted to license over. The tool would ask the user about licensing, embed any metadata appropriate, and have the ability to publish metadata and the licensed media to the web. ccTag is one small step along that road.


step 6: thinking of hosting your files on a website?

If you going to host your newly licenced electronic files online, you should think about embedding your website with licence information too.



More Info
Still unsure how to embed licence information into mp3s? The Creative Commons site has information on embedding


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