One of the best ways to learn about Creative Commons is to watch one of our videos.


ccAustralia videos

ccAustralia has created two animations featuring Mayer and Bettle, with the second featuring a cameo appearance by  Flik. They aim to provide a fun and accessible explanation of the Creative Commons licences.

Mayer and Bettle Mayer and Bettle 2

Mayer and Bettle

Focuses on the basics of what the Creative Commons licences are and how they work.

Mayer and Bettle 2

This sequel to the original Mayer and Bettle video, provides some further information about how to use the Creative Commons licences on your own work.


Creative Commons videos

For podcasts and vodcasts of various presentations, talks and conferences by ccAustralia team members, see here.

Below are other videos from the Creative Commons international community (external links).

A Shared Culture Building on the Past

A Shared Culture

A high-level overview of the goals of Creative Commons and how we are “saving the world from failed sharing.” Created by Jesse Dylan, director of the “Yes We Can” video.

Wanna Work Together

Wanna Work Together? explains in practical details how creators expose, share, and remix their works using our free public licenses.

Building on the Past

The winner of our Moving Images Contest, Justin Cone created a short, succinct “commercial” that demonstrates what Creative Commons is, and how it works, in a slick package.

Science Commons Get Creative CC+: CC + Commerce

Science Commons

In conjunction with Jesse Dylan’s original “A Shared Culture,” we are excited to present a short video explicating our sister project, Science Commons.

Get Creative

This short film covers the basics of why we formed, what we do, and how we do it.

CC+: CC + Commerce

This video explains how Creative Commons licenses can be used in conjunction with commercial licensing arrangements.

Reticulum Rex CC Brasil Media That Matters

Reticulum Rex

This film describes some of CC’s success stories and gives insight into where we’re headed.

CC Brazil

In the spring of 2004, a documentary film crew followed Creative Commons staff to Brazil. This ten-minute video covers the launch event, the impact on the country, and the people behind the project.

Media that Matters

In this short produced by Intelligent Television, you can hear from established film makers on why CC is a crucial part of their work flow and perspective on creating new media.

Mix Tape Wired NextMusic Berkman Panel (Dec 2008)

Mix Tape

Sheryl Seibert’s video about found art and remix culture was the second place winner of the Moving Images Contest.

Wired NextMusic

In September 2006, Wired and Flavorpill hosted a sold-out concert in New York with all proceeds donated to Creative Commons.

Berkman Panel (Dec 2008)

In December of 2008, CC and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society joined forces to bring you the panel discussion: “The Commons: Celebrating accomplishments, discerning futures.”

Technology and Developer Videos

CC Technology Summit (Dec 2008) CC Technology Summit (June 2008) Translating with Pootle

Technology Summit (Dec 2008)

In December 2008, Creative Commons hosted its second technology summit at MIT.

Technology Summit (June 2008)

Creative Commons held its inaugural Technology Summit June 18, 2008 at Google in Mountain View, California.

Translating with Pootle

Creative Commons’ Asheesh Laroia explains how to use the Pootle translation system, in this series of screencasts.