Peers, patents, prior art: The launch of Peer-To-Patent Australia

funny pictures of cats with captions

Did you know that someone has a patent (US Patent 5443036) over using a laser pointer to exercise a cat? Serious. Likewise, The Walt Disney Company has a patent (US Patent 5392735) on a device for talking to dolphins (and perhaps even “whales and porpoises” too)? With approximately 1 million patents being applied for across the world each year the task of examiners especially in assessing new technologies has become increasingly difficult.

A new service in Australia will help sort the patent chaff. Starting this morning, the newly-launched Peer-To-Patent Australia project is designed to improve the process and the quality of issued patents by helping to assess whether an invention is new and inventive. How? With your help!

Pooling Ideas Information Pack

From 2-23 March 2009 Creative Commons Australia, in conjunction with ABC Pool, the Ideas Festival and the Creative Commons Clinic are running Pooling Ideas, a festival of collaborative innovation. And we want you to participate.

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to creatively interpret the theme We are what we share, and upload your creation to Pool. Mash up a film, tweak an artwork, remix a poem – whatever takes your fancy. It’s free and there are no time limits or format requirements.

Information Packs

![Info Packs](/images/infopack.gif) Creative Commons AU has released redistributable information packs which provide an overview of specific topics. The following packs are available:

About the Creative Commons licences

* [Creative Commons Licences Explained](/materials/licencesexplainedcontentcreatorsinfopack.pdf)
* [Quick Guide to the Creative Commons Licences](/factsheets/cc-licences)
* [Creative Commons Licensing Flowchart](/factsheets/licensing-flowchart)
* [Benefits of Creative Commons](/materials/Benefits_of_CC_08.pdf)
* [Using the Creative Commons metadata](/marking/examples)

About Creative Commons content

* [How to Find Creative Commons Licensed Material](/infopacks/findingmaterial)
* [Quick Guide to Creative Commons Resources](/materials/CC_Web_Resources.pdf)

[Pooling Ideas help sheets](/infopacks/poolingideas)

* [What is Creative Commons?](/materials/whatiscc.pdf)

Building an Australasian Commons: Case Studies Volume 1

In August 2008, as part of the
CC Case Study Wiki project, CC Australia published Building an Australasian Commons: Creative Commons Case Studies Volume 1.

Edited by staffer Rachel Cobcroft, Case Studies Volume 1 includes 60 stories of how people are using Creative Commons in Australia and internationally. It highlights the excellent work being done by commoners the world over, as well as providing examples, models and guidance for those wanting to explore their copyright options in the digital environment.

Download it