Ideas Australia needs to share – CPD release their first book

Photo: More Than Luck cover - Centre for Policy Development
The Centre for Policy Development has just release its first book, More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now (ISBN 978-0-9808356-0-1). Edited by Mark Davis, author of Land of Plenty, and CPD’s Executive Director Miriam Lyons, the volume is “both a collection of ideas for citizens who want real change and a to-do list for politicians looking to base public policies on the kind of future Australia needs.” Featuring ideas from a variety of established and emerging thinkers, it touches on everything: from human rights to taxation, work/life balance to sustainable city planning, and even calls for the end of union and corporate political donations and the Australia Council for the Arts.

The book features authors including Prof Larissa Behrendt, Phil Lynch, Prof Marian Sawer AO, Prof Lee Godden and Chris Bonnor AM, mixed in with CPD Fellows including Eva Cox AO, Prof John Quiggin, Ian Dunlop, Fiona ArmstrongMarcus Westbury and Ben Eltham, who put forward bold new ideas to take Australia forward. More Than Luck is not just ideas Australia needs now, but ideas Australia needs to know!

Credits—Photo: Adaptation (crop) of the cover of More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now by the Centre for Policy Development, CC BY 2.5 Australia.