Creative Commons for Non-Profit Organisations.

An explanation of how non-profit organisations benefit from using Creative Commons licences.

Creative Commons and Commerce

This video explains how Creative Commons licenses can be used in conjunction with commercial licensing arrangements.


Case Studies

The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney in 2008 became the first museum in the world to share its historic images on Flickr Commons using Creative Commons licences. Within the first week their Flickr Commons page had over 20,000 views from around the globe. The intention behind using Creative Commons licences was to allow school students and teachers to use these resources whilst attracting worldwide attention to the powerhouse museum.

For more information relating to the powerhouse’s use of Creative Commons licence check out the case study.

For more examples of uses of Creative Commons licences in the GLAM sector check out the Cultural & Government Institutions case studies.

Powerhouse Museum at dusk


Resource Kit: Creative Commons + GLAM

The materials included in this resource can be used to familiarise yourself, your organisation and your community of users with Creative Commons. These resources focus on understanding the principles of open licensing to help make your collections more open and engage your communities in engaging with and contributing to a vibrant cultural commons.

There are two presentations with scripts and supporting materials of videos, handouts and a reading list. These have been designed and used by our own staff for outreach activities. The resources are ready to use as-is, or you are welcome to adapt them to meet your needs.
Creative Commons + GLAM

Image representing Creative Commons + GLAM resource kit