Creative Commons Australia have created a number of factsheets. This is an A3 poster flowchart to help people decide which Creative Commons licence (if any) is appropriate for what they want to do.

Start at the green question box and, following the arrows that correspond with your answer, make your way through the pink remixing and blue commercial questions until you reach a purple licence box. That will be the right licence for you. For the full details of each of the licences, see the link under the box.

You can also view the poster as a PDF document on a desktop client or, depending on your set up, within your web browser. Click here for the pdf document. If the file does not download, hold ‘Command’ and ‘click’ your mouse button and select ‘Download linked file as…’ if you use a Mac or ‘click’ your right mouse button and select ‘Save Link As’ if you use a PC.

The Which Creative Commons licence is right for me? poster is available to view on ccAustralia account on document sharing website Scribd. Below is an embedded Flash frame of the document which you can browse through.

If you want to reuse the Which Creative Commons licence is right for me? poster, download the Indesign files (*.zip) and get remixing.

All fonts in the Which Creative Commons licence is right for me? poster are open fonts. The fonts used in the factsheet are:

Icons: The ‘Fonts’ icon, which is from the Crystal Clear icon set by Everaldo Coelho. It is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). All other icons are © 2008 Function. They were created by Liam McKay and are available for unfettered reuse so long as you link back to the icon set and you do not host them yourself. Per his requirements, you can find the icons here.
Fonts: The heading font with each icon on this page is Mariana by Alilsenevol. It is available under a Creative Commons Public Domain Certification.