Creative professionals and amatuers are free to use Creative Commons licenced material and can apply Creative Commons licences to their work by using the licence tool. Creatives such as artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and arts organisations in Australia have already embraced the use of Creative Commons licences.

What is Creative Commons?

Mayer and Bettle 2

This sequel to the original Mayer and Bettle video, provides some further information about how to apply the Creative Commons licences to your own work.

A Shared Culture.

An explanation of the concept of shared culture and how Creative Commons licences works in conjunction with this concept.

Do you know what Creative Commons is?

A hip-hop interpretation of the use of Creative Commons licences in music.

Wanna Work Together?

Wanna Work Together? explains in practical details how creators expose, share, and remix their works using our free public licenses.

Case Studies:

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) released their album The Slip to their fans for free under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. This has been a successful strategy because the band has now seen substantial media attention and consequential profit from the release. To find out more about the NIN case study click here.

DevaintART is a worldwide online community dedicated to showcasing creative work such as videos, prints, literature and comics, they use a range of Creative Commons licences to allow communities to share and re-produce works.

For more information relating to the DeviantArt case study click here.