First CC-licensed book in Australia wants you to cut it up

Photos: Scissors by Rhian vK
Remember back in October 2007 we wrote a post about the first CC-licensed book published in Australia (that we know about anyway)? Tristan Clarke published his first book, Stick this in your memory hole, with Aduki Independent Press under an Australian Attribution-Noncommercial licence. Both the physical book and the digital version were under the licence, meaning you were free to share and remix his book as long as you weren’t making money from your reuse.

In the spirit of (continuing) sharing, Aduki is encouraging people to remix the work. From the Aduki blog post:

As we reach the remnants of the book’s stock and want to make space for new titles we thought it was about time we let the book out into the wild and gave the public an opportunity to embrace CC and remix culture and attempt to remix a book.

This could take a variety of forms… You could remix the actual words within the book, or you could remix the physical book itself… That is up to you…

Credits—Photo: Adaptation (crop and resize) of ‘Scissors‘ by Rhian vK, CC BY 2.0 Generic.

Peer-university course offerings open

Photo: ‘create environments for learning doodle‘ by Inha Leex HalePeer 2 Peer University (P2PU) is a collaborative, open education program that provides individuals with informal learning opportunities outside the classroom. Their main goal is to offer you the highest quality learning material and guides to help fulfil your educational requirements. They deliver on this mission through the the use of the internet and open content licences on educational packages. Running over six weeks, all of P2PU’s courses are licenced by a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence. The free courses utilise university-grade teaching materials taught in small groups (around eight to fourteen students).

Although currently accredited is not available across the full suite of courses, P2PU is working on gaining full accreditation for all its courseware. P2PU offers fantastic programs which are run by passionate and dedicated volunteers who just want to ensure that you are receiving top quality educational service. One such course that is currently being offered is Copyright 4 Educators which is being faciliated by Delia Browne, friend of ccAustralia and well-known Australian CC and open eduation advocate. Sign up for courses has already opened. Register before 8 September 2010.

Credits—Photo: Adaptation (crop and resize) of ‘create environments for learning doodle‘ by Inha Leex Hale, CC BY 2.0 Generic.

Pooling Ideas Information Pack

From 2-23 March 2009 Creative Commons Australia, in conjunction with ABC Pool, the Ideas Festival and the Creative Commons Clinic are running Pooling Ideas, a festival of collaborative innovation. And we want you to participate.

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to creatively interpret the theme We are what we share, and upload your creation to Pool. Mash up a film, tweak an artwork, remix a poem – whatever takes your fancy. It’s free and there are no time limits or format requirements.

Building an Australasian Commons: Case Studies Volume 1

In August 2008, as part of the
CC Case Study Wiki project, CC Australia published Building an Australasian Commons: Creative Commons Case Studies Volume 1.

Edited by staffer Rachel Cobcroft, Case Studies Volume 1 includes 60 stories of how people are using Creative Commons in Australia and internationally. It highlights the excellent work being done by commoners the world over, as well as providing examples, models and guidance for those wanting to explore their copyright options in the digital environment.

Download it