Copyright the Card Came: Australian Edition

(By Nerida Quatermass & Elliott Bledsoe. Originally published by UK Copyright Literacy 5 April, 2019)

In the Australian GLAM sector, copyright knowledge and decision making is required for many aspects of operation, and to provide information to clients.

Copyright The Card Game Australian Edition v1.0 is an adaptation of the original Copyright The Card Game by Chris Morrison and Jane SeckerThe Australian Libraries Copyright Committee has a national copyright training program for libraries and archives. Creative Commons Australia provides information about open licensing in a Resource Kit for the GLAM sector. To supplement training and education the two groups decided to adapt UK Copyright Literacy’s Copyright the Card Game to suit Australian copyright law. Like the Canadian adaption project it was recognised that the content of the game would have to be changed to accurately reflect the Australian legislative and licensing context.

Copyright the Card Game: Australian Edition. Illustration showing 5 card suits.

Copyright the Card Game: Australian Edition

Using online conferencing and real-time collaboration tools (mainly Google Docs) a small project team addressed issues such as the differences in terminology in Australia as well as different Australian exceptions to copyright. On 21 March the resulting adaptation was played for the first time, at the Australian National University Menzies Library, before being launched at the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum 2019 on 22 March.

The Australian edition, designed by Elliott Bledsoe, features a kangaroo icon and a colour scheme inspired by the floral emblems of the Commonwealth and the Australian States and Territories. Like the UK original, the game is played in a workshop which teaches players about the uses, exceptions and licences under which copyright works are used, and the risks associated with various use activities. Players are presented with a number of scenarios requiring a copyright management response chosen from the deck of cards.
The Australian Edition is hosted on the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee website where the resources needed to play the game including the workshop presentation which guides play, and the cards can be downloaded (licensed CC BY-NC-SA).

Copyright the Card Game: Australian Edition

We gratefully acknowledge:

Copyright the Card Game Version 3: Creators-Jane Secker and Chris Morrison, UK Copyright Literacy; and Designer- Steve Roberts.

The Australian Digital Alliance: Sponsors of the 20th Anniversary Dinner printed cards.

Australian Editorial Team:
• Jessica Coates, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, Australian Digital Alliance.
• Nerida Quatermass, Queensland University of Technology.
• Kate Makowiecka, formerly Murdoch University.
• Lisa Conti Phillipps, University of New South Wales.
• Elliott Bledsoe, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, Australian Digital Alliance.