Returning from the 2017 Creative Commons Global Summit my bags were heavier than when I left. No surprise there! 

It wasn’t what you might expect, although Librarians might suspect. The extra weight was in the multiple copies of Made with Creative Commons that accompanied me around Europe on my vacation and then finally back to Australia.

Made with Creative Commons exemplifies powerful action in a number of ways which define Creative Commons:

The power of community- from the crowd funding for the project to a commons-based model for creative outputs;

The power of the open licences to maximise innovation;

The power of case studies to provide a guided transition to incorporating Creative Commons in open business models.

In addition to borrowing a copy from a library, there are a number of ways that you can get hold of a copy of the book to keep.

There is something very special about sharing a good book.

I have one copy left. If you would like it, please let me know at [email protected]

This blog is a small story on the effect of sharing as part of other stories of community engagement

That heavy luggage was well worth the delight to see the copies donated to my local and national libraries; and the Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation, which supported my attendance at the Creative Commons Global Summit.















Photos on right: top down: with Kim Lewin, Director, Library Services (Acting), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane; with Rachael Harrison, Executive Officer, QULOC; with Vicki McDonald, State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer, State Library of Queensland; Jessica Coates, CC Australia Alumnus, Advisor to the ADA and ALCC, with Libby Cass, Acting Executive to Director, Australian Collections Management, National Library Australia.