Creative Commons is well known and our licences are widely used. The 2014 State of the Commons report provides an overview of the wealth of resources that are available under a Creative Commons licence. In 2015 it is anticipated that over 1 Billion works on the internet will be openly licensed using CC licences. Many of these are works that have been released by cultural heritage institutions.

Many of these institutions find that creating digital collections and facilitating access and re-use through open licensing creates an avenue to engage with their community.

The Creative Commons organisation has a significant web presence provided by and all of the network websites around the world. All of the legal tools along with supporting information and resources are available from the internet. But feedback tells us there is a need to engage directly with our communities of users to share information about how to grow the commons. With limited human and financial resources that outreach can be a challenge!

Graphic depicting Powerpoint presentation for Creative Commons + GLAM Resource Kit

Creative Commons + GLAM is the result of an idea for outreach with the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums sector in Australia. We aim to develop a scalable approach by providing a set of reviewed resources that can help others to learn about Creative Commons (CC). These resources are designed specifically to focus on understanding the principles of open licensing in the context of institutions that are developing digital collections, making those collections accessible to the public, and engaging communities in creative re-use.

The materials included in this resource can be used to familiarise yourself, your organisation and your community of users with Creative Commons. The aim is to increase understanding of the application of open licences and the potential benefits of making your collections more open encouraging access and creative re-use by your communities.

Visit the Creative Commons Australia webpage Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums. You’ll find:

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