The Queensland Police Service is again leading the way as a government agency, recently launching the myPolice Data website (

myPolice Data currently provides statistical information on the number and rates of reported offences between 1997 – 2012. This data can be downloaded as .csv files, or presented on an interactive graft on the website. Information displayed on the graft can be filtered by the type of offence.

The website and the data files are licensed under an Australian CC BY licence.

It implements the revised Queensland Government IP Principles that not only endorses the use of CC licences but specifies that the CC BY licence is the default licence, to be applied as a first choice unless there are clear indicators that the default licence is inappropriate in the circumstances:

1.3 Creative Commons licensing of government copyright information

In assessing the appropriate licence to apply to public information, GILF mandates that:
(a) agencies license their public sector  copyright information using the
Creative Commons least restrictive licence (i.e. the Attribution BY
licence) as the default licence of preference following a process of due
diligence assessment on a case-by-case basis. However this least
restrictive licence may not always be the appropriate licence to use.