CC has launched a new licence chooser, available at

It’s a great development, as it makes the process of choosing a CC licence clearer and more intuitive.

This new licence chooser (on the right) features the same questions in the old chooser, but displays the entire process of choosing a licence on one webpage. In other words, the steps of choosing a CC licence are not split across two pages. Upon choosing your licence features (e.g. allow modifications, allow commercial use), the selected licence shows up immediately on the same page.

Another useful feature of this chooser is the additional information provided for the licensing of offline material and different media formats. If you select “Offline” (under “License mark” in the bottom left box), the chooser will provide links to downloadable license graphics and a page which explains how to mark video and other media formats.

For more information about the new licence chooser, see this CC blog post.