Creative Commons (CC) is a new way of managing copyright in the digital environment. It is gaining widespread acceptance and use by creators, educators, cultural institutions, researchers, government officers and the general community.

If you are interested in finding out about the CC licences, looking for an update on recent developments, or wanting to know how CC licences are being used by others, register now!

This free public seminar presented by Professor Anne Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper and Cheryl Foong will be held on Friday, 4 November 2011, 10.00am – 3.00pm 9.00am – 3.30pm at National Library of Australia (Theatre at Lower ground floor), Parkes Place, ACT.

To allow us to make this seminar directly meaningful to you, please let us know what practical or operational issues you have encountered in your personal or working environments. You may contact Cheryl Foong at [email protected].

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Creative Commons for You Program FINAL

About the presenters:

Professor Anne Fitzgerald is a Brisbane-based intellectual property and e-commerce lawyer. She is a Professor in Law Research at QUT Law Faculty where she has been involved in several projects including Access to Public Sector Information (, Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law ( and Creative Commons Australia ( Anne has a JSD degree from Columbia University, New York (2002) a LLM degree from Columbia University (1992) and a LLM (International Business Law) from the University of London (1989). She is a member of the Queensland Bar and has also been admitted to legal practice in Victoria and Tasmania. She graduated in law from the University of Tasmania (LLB(Hons), 1984). Anne has an extensive background in the areas of intellectual property law, internet and e-commerce law, international trade law and natural resources law.  She is a pioneer of the study of law relating to the internet, digital technologies and e-commerce in Australia, having been an initiator of the landmark Going Digital series of seminars (in 1997 and 1998) and co-author of one of the earliest books in this area worldwide, Going Digital: Legal Issues for Electronic Commerce, Multimedia and the Internet (1998).  Her latest book (with Professor Brian Fitzgerald and others) is Internet and E-commerce Law, Business and Policy (Thomson Reuters, Sydney, 2011) (

Neale Hooper LLM, LLB, BA (Qld) was the principal lawyer for the Queensland Government’s Government Information Licensing Framework (GILF) Project and has led the project’s legal work since its inception in 2005. The objective of the GILF project is the development of a legal framework to facilitate increased online access to, and reuse of, public sector information, in a legally effective manner, including by the use of standardized open content licences, particularly Creative Commons (CC) licences. Neale is a leading IP and ICT lawyer with over 20 years experience with Queensland Crown Law, providing specialist law services in these areas. Since 2004 Neale has been seconded sequentially to several Queensland departments – Queensland Treasury, Natural Resources and Water (now DERM), and most recently to Public Works, on GILF focussed work. Presently he is on secondment to the Queensland University of Technology, Law Faculty, researching CC licence implementation in the scientific research and other publicly funded sectors. For 3 years, 2007-2010 Neale was a lead researcher on the CRC-Spatial Information Project ‘Enabling Real-Time Information Access in Both Urban and Regional Areas’ (a collaboration between QUT, Law Faculty, and the Queensland Government). Neale has a Master of Laws from University of Queensland, and has been an adjunct lecturer at QUT law school since 2003.

Cheryl Foong LLB (Hons I) (QUT) is a researcher at the QUT Law Faculty. Cheryl has researched on CC business models, CC licensing and the risk of tort liability for government, and co-authored the CC & Government Guide with Anne and Neale. Her publications on these topics are available at,_Cheryl.html.

Credits—Photo: ‘The National Library of Australia and the Canberra Balloon Festival, March 2011‘ by Grey Nomad Australia, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Generic.