The Report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce, released under a CC Attribution 2.5 Australia licence in 2010, has since been translated into Korean.

The translation project began as an inspired effort by a team of CC Korea volunteers. As they spread the word about the project via twitter and their homepage, they gained the collaboration of the ITR&D lab at Yonsei University, and managed to publish prints of the translated report with the help of NHN. The collaborative project took them a year to complete.

This will be followed by a “Send a copy to 100 officials” project, in which the team will send a copy of the translated report to 100 government officials, as suggested by Korean citizens.

We applaude the resourcefulness of CC Korea, which is largely a volunteer-led initiative.

You can read more about the project and access the full translated report at CC Korea’s news post. You can also follow further updates on its CC News in English page.

Credits— Screenshot of CC Korea site. Website licensed under CC BY 2.0 Korea.