Photo: Play by Annie Roi

Google have expanded their utilisation of Creative Commons when it officially announced the introduction of Creative Commons licensing as a rights management option on YouTube (although you may have already read about it!). Now video publishers can now release their videos under a CC Attribution 3.0 Unported licence or utilise the “Standard YouTube License.”

When a YouTube user licenses their video under CC the licence notice is added to the ‘Show more’ information below the video.

With the announcement, YouTube has also added a Creative Commons search portal hosting 10,000+ videos from organizations such as C-SPAN, PublicResource.orgVoice of America, and Al Jazeera, plus any video that’s been re/licensed using the licensing option. Because they are licensed under an Attribution licence YouTube users can incorporate into their own projects using the YouTube Video Editor. To help make the process simple, the Video Editor automatically adds attribution information about any source video a user has utilised in a new project. Source videos are added to the ‘Show more’ information as well.

Creative Commons and ccAustralia welcome the introduction of CC licensing options on YouTube. It will undoubtedly add to the awareness of Creative Commons internationally.

Credits—Heading photo: ‘Play‘ by Annie Roi, CC BY 2.0 Generic.

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