Photo: 'Money' by Maestro_AU. CC BY 2.0 Generic.
Australia’s first crowd funding platform, Pozible (nee Fundbreak), are always looking for ways to make their platform more useful for project creators. That’s why they rolled out a series of new rights management options for projects starting yesterday. Now Pozible project creators can make content related to their crowd funding proposals on the site available under Creative Commons licences.

Project creators on Pozible now have a ‘License Option’ as part of their project creation process. They can elect ‘all rights reserved’ or they can apply a CC licence using Pozible’s very stylish (yet functional) licence chooser.

Photo: Pozible CC licence chooser

CC itself has experimented with different ways of helping creators decide which licence to apply to their creative works – including their DHTML chooser and their Freedoms chooser – but Pozible’s takes the ‘style and function’ cake! For more information on the site’s integration of CC licences, see the Pozible blog.

Credits—Heading photo: ‘Money‘ by Maestro_AU, CC BY 2.0 Generic. Body photo: ‘CC licence chooser’ by Pozible, © 2011 Except in so far as it incorporates icons owned by Creative Commons Corporation, which are CC BY 3.0 Unported.

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