Photo: Creative Commons by Karin Dalziel

ccAustralia’s Professor Anne Fitzgerald, will be speaking in Hobart about CC. The seminar, hosted by Ogilvie & Associates, Solicitors, Hobart will be held late April/early May. Details below:

Creative Commons: managing your copyright in the online environment

Copyright touches almost everyone in today’s digital age. Those who work in the creative industries, education or government, or who carry out research are having to grapple with copyright law.

Creative Commons (CC) licences are a range of free copyright licences that creators can use to manage their copyright in the online environment, each providing its own specific protections and freedoms. The licences build upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” system.

CC licences are increasingly being used by government departments, cultural institutions, schools, universities and research organisations to distribute open access materials. This seminar will explain what CC licences are and give examples of how they are being used in Australia and overseas.

Speaker: Professor Anne Fitzgerald, Queensland University of Technology

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: TBC