The roller door has been raised, the turnstiles unlocked, and everyone is invited to take a dip in the all new ABC Pool website. The new site boasts all kinds of new functionality and usability. Bomb dive your way into the site’s 11,000+ contributions with the site’s new structure, making it much easier to see uploaded content, pool contributorscollaborative projects and opportunities to get your content onto ABC websites, radio and even television. And now you can easily follow people and projects to help you keep up with your favorite pool-side punters and comment on pretty much everything on the site.

While we love the new 2.0 functionality, probably the most exciting addition (as far as ccAustralia is concerned anyway :p) is the ability to search for Pool content published under a Creative Commons licence. A much-awaited addition, users can now use the advanced search to find CC-licensed content by keyword using a drop-down menu that will return results under a specific type of CC licence. Better still is the ability to limit your results further by designating the type of media you’re looking for too!

To celebrate the relaunch, ccAustralia and a number of other organisations have partnered with Pool on possibly the most ambitious project Pool has every orchestrated: My Tribe. Here’s the project description from the Pool site:

My pack, my posse, my people, my network, my mob, my family – my tribe…

As we become global citizens linked through networked knowledge communities it’s time to re-examine ideas of community, identity, kinship, connection and self.

In the flesh or via technology the groups we belong to form across intersecting fault-lines in our lives – blood, place, interest, time, happenstance and more. Enmeshed with our sense of self, those we belong to and who belong to us construct, deconstruct, teach, reflect, know or perhaps don’t know us at all.

Explored subjectively or objectively the theme of ‘my tribe’ taps into mythmaking and deep traditions of storytelling along with the rationality of survival and darker implications of drawing a line in the sand between ‘us’ and ‘them’ …

With it’s multiple projects, galleries and exhibition opportunities, My Tribe is as multi-faceted as identity itself. My Tribe includes a number of projects including:

There is also a free-form space for users to create their own My Tribe groups. Stay tuned for more information about a future My Tribe project involving us, ABC Pool and the International Urban Screens Association.

As I am sure many of you are aware, ccAustraila has had a long history with ABC Pool. We’re just as excited as the Pool team is to see the newest iteration of the project go live. A new domain, a new logo, a new look – but at it’s heart, ABC Pool is still one of the most innovative, engaging and collaborative projects the ABC has to offer.

Credits—Photo: Screenshot of ABC Pool website. Incorporates ‘Kiss me where?‘ by Kate Gauld, CC BY-NC 3.0 Unported.