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4 weeks, 6 cities, 30 speakers, 300+ attendees, countless questions and 280+ tagged tweets and the CC Roadshows are now over! The blog post is a few reflections from the ccAustralia on the roadshows. Please comment on this post with your thoughts; what worked? What didn’t? What information was good? What did we miss out? Which case studies and champions did you like?

For the slides, featured CC projects and other documentation see our roadshow wrap up.


We kicked things off in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria on 1 September. While the fancy lunch tussled for the audience’s attention, it couldn’t compete with the inspiring CC project represented. Justin Schmidt‘s tales of syndicated Digital Fringe content on dental surgeries screens, Chris Chinchilla‘s challenge to take scissors and glue to copies of Aduki Independent PressStick this in your memory hole and Andrew Garton‘s reminder that playing guitar in the bush is better than managing rights requests (thanks @peterneish!), the projects and the first roadshow had the audience and the Twitterverse abuzz.


From Melbourne we flew straight on to Perth for the second event at the State Library of Western Australia on 2 September. The West Coast audience was especially engaged, in spite of the beautiful panorama views from the SLWA’s Great Southern Room! As always, Dr Tama Leaver gave a compelling talk about benefits of using CC as a education tool. and Luke Steele did a fine spruk for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts student label, Slow Release (regardless of how nervous he was).

As we learned from the first two events, we had drastically under estimated the time needed to get through the volume of important information in the introduction and case study segments. So we did a program rejig, collapsing the CC Local Champions panel and discussion into one session for the remaining cities.


Flight delays meant Professor Brian Fitzgerald had to go it alone for the first hour or so in Sydney. But transport issues, DIY equipment setup and internet connectivity at the National Academy of Dramatic Art weren’t enough to put a damper on roadshow number 3! The combo of Paula Bray (Powerhouse Museum), Jonathon Hutchinson (ABC Pool) and Delia Browne (MCEECDYA)—with the last minute addition of Liam Wyatt from Wikimedia Australia—was dynamic and engaging, but not even Powerhouse’s vintage Lolcat (kudos @sebchan!) could compete with Neale Hooper‘s hilarious presentation on government use of CC which stole the Sydney show! (Don’t believe us? Read this, and this, and this!)


Like Perth, the amazing river view from The Edge threatened to distract the Brisbane audience from the proceedings, but we managed to keep their attention. Rami Olwan from CC Jordan gave the audience an insight into the translation process for the Arab World, while Andrew Davies shared some exciting updates on the ABC Pool project. And Skye Reeve took the opportunity to publicise the recently funded etcc remixable art exhibition project.


By the Adelaide event we had the process down pat, but preparedness can’t overcome technical issues (which were not the fault of the State Library of South Australia by the way). Limited flights to Hobart meant Brian Fitzgerald and Elliott Bledsoe had to leave early, but not before the Wholesale Meat Music guys (Daniel Feuerriegel, Jamie Seyfang and Jacob Simionato) wowed us all with their enthusiasm and ideas!


And finally we found ourselves in a very cold Hobart (even if attendees informed us that the weather was quite mild for this time of year). Finding the venue (the University of Tasmania Sandy Bay campus is huge!!) and negotiated the audio/visual equipment and enterprise logins proved a challenge, but the insights from Melinda Standish (Roar Film who developed the Budd:e e-security education package) and Peter Shanks (Skills Tasmania and FlickrCC) were invaluable. In Hobart Kirsty Sharp even created amazing graphic notes which she’s published on her blog, Live elearning.

All in all the six events went very well! We would like to thank the venues in each city for their generous support in hosting the roadshows. Without their support we would not have been able to get to so many cities. We’d also like to thank all the speakers for their time and their insights. And of course, thank you to everyone who attended around the country.

Credits—Image: Screen capture of Australia from OpenStreetMap, CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic. Font: ‘Rawengulk‘ by GLuk, SIL Open Font 1.1.