Photo: Experiments with Long exposure and lights-015 by Tea, two sugarsThe Australian Research Council Center of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, ccAustralia and the project coordinators are very excited to announce that etcc, has received funding in the inaugural round of the Creative Commons Catalyst Grants! We pitched for a touring remixable art exhibition that would not only see the production and exhibition of 10 – 20 new works that (legally) appropriate from CC-licensed content, but that would also encourage exploration of the ideas of creation and appropriation in the visual arts sector.

Like the Remix My Lit project, etcc emerged because the coordinators perceived a lack of prominence of remix and open content licensing in the visual arts. While implicit and explicit appropriation is common, the visual arts community as a whole has been a slow sector in their consideration of rights management practices.

From the etcc application:

etcc is a remixable art exhibition that seeks to explore ideas of creation and appropriation in the visual arts sector. Elected artists will be asked to identify one or more CC-licensed works under an Attribution licence as a source of inspiration for a new derivative work. These new works will, in turn, be licensed under the same conditions and will be exhibited in a gallery in Brisbane, Australia before being further re-interpreted by artists in continuing exhibitions across Australia. An online web presence will additionally be established documenting the whole attributive process where further remixes will be encouraged; and, ideally, in a series of ‘growing’ exhibitions featuring the originals and downstream remixes.

The etcc project seeks to explore remix as a practical and creative reality in the visual arts – it invites artists to look at ways to legally reuse copyrighted works; encourages the creative community to better understand both their inherent rights and potential alternatives to the blanket of “all rights reserved” copyright law; and invites the audience to appreciate the appropriative nature of the artistic process, where one creation is transformed into something new whether obviously or conceptually.

Of the 130 + applications , 7 projects were successful. Which were announced by Joi Ito on the CC News blog yesterday. The other funded projects are:

Credits—Photo: Adaptation (crop and resize) of ‘Experiments with Long exposure and lights-015‘ by Tea, two sugars, CC BY 2.0 Generic. Font: Junction by Caroline Hadilaksono, SIL OFL 1.1.