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ccAustralia’s Elliott Bledsoe is speaking at the Models are Hot event at the Brisbane Powerhouse next Tuesday as part of the Independent Music Project‘s Music Stimulants series. The panel, which also features alongside Tim Price from Musicadium and James Milsom from Melbourne-based group Ancient Free Gardeners, will explore new models of distribution, collaboration and commerce emerging around music in the digital age.

From the website:

For musicians these days, there is a sobering reality about the distribution of music content; wake up and smell the peer-to-peer! How can you ask for the cake and get to eat it too?

… It’s one thing for Girl Talk, Nine Inch Nails and Yoko Ono to give away their music, but what about at the other end of the scale? The panel will discuss new opportunities in the changed media environment, using Melbourne band Ancient Free Gardeners as a case study.

The panel is followed by a gig by Ancient Free Gardeners.

Music Stimulants is a series of monthly gigs and seminars being run by IMP in collaboration with the Powerhouse to bring musicians and music lovers together in stimulating discussion about today’s music.

Where: Turbine Platform, Brisbane Powerhouse
When: Tuesday, 27 April, 6 – 8pm
Topic: Models are hot

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