Creative Commons has officially launched its 2009 fundraising campaign with the announcement of a new special-edition remixed Creative Commons T-shirt, with a logo (pictured) designed by Shepard Fairey – the artist behind the Obama Hope poster that has become an online (and offline) meme. So now you can contribute to a good cause and look snazzy at the same time.

From the CC International blog:

We are reshaping history as we speak. Millions of CC supporters across the globe – creators, consumers, and advocates – have shown that they believe in the importance of universal access to information online. If we want future generations to enjoy the kind of rich culture that we all deserve, we must invest today in the future of creativity and knowledge.

We hate asking for money, but even non-profits don’t run for free (as in beer). As with last year, CC has set a goal of US$500,000 by 31 December. So if you’ve got a few dollars lying round and you support free culture, consider donating to CC. Or buying a t-shirt.

And if you don’t have a few dollars but you still want to help out, spread the word (we’ve got cool tools to help you do it). Or just use CC or raise awareness of open copyright and you’ll be doing your bit.