How about a ride lady? by Giulio Saggin Creative Commons License

In an Australian first, the ABC is releasing raw news footage under CC – and its of zombies!

As a joint project with the ABC’s collaborative webspace, Pool, ABC News Online is uploading the audio, video and photos from its coverage of the Brisbane Zombie Walk under a CC licence for people to mash up, remix and generally have fun with. [NB – for the time being only logged in users can see licensing information for material on Pool. It’s a bug that Pool are fixing]

And to get people going, Pool has launched a dedicated The Dead Walk group and have made a call out for people to upload their own material and combine it with the news footage to tell their story of how they survived the zombie apocalypse. The best material will be featured on ABC News Online.

While this is all a bit of undead fun, it’s also a pretty impressive milestone in the ABC’s ongoing efforts to embrace the Gov2.0 movement give it resources back to the people who fund it – you!

From the Pool posting:

Zombies. They stink, they rot, they want to eat your brains. In short, they don’t have much going for them! Why is it then that every year, thousands of people hit the streets dressed up as them? Maybe it’s because zombies are such social creatures. Whenever you see them, they’re always milling around, hunting like a pack of shambling wolves, or sharing a meal. So what better subject matter for such a social place as Pool.
ABC News Online will upload raw audio, video and photos from the Brisbane Zombie Walk to the Pool Dead Walk! group. You’re free to use this content as a starting point, or for remixes and mash-ups.
But we also want to hear from you. Are you a zombie lurcher? If so, why – what do you get out of it? Have you ever seen a zombie walk/lurch and what did you make of it? If you went to the Brisbane Zombie Walk, we’d love you to share your photos, video, audio and anecdotes.

The footage is already going up – we’ve got zombie babies, zombie dogs and zombie Santas – with more planned to be uploaded over the next few days.

So get mashing. Brains not included.

correction: the image above was initially incorrectly identified as being by Gary Kemble. It is actually by Giulio Saggin of ABC News Online.