Brisbane-based non-profit Human Ventures Limited is an organisation that exists to help us realise a world in which each of us understand that, first and foremost, we are human. And one way they are doing that is through little visual reminders about our world.

This first of these info transparency or infographic is the ‘Apparently… we’re full‘ poster they released last month. Using the distinctive imagery of beer bottles, Human responds to claims by some members of the Australia community that “We’re full”. When you look at our population to habitable area ratio we are far from at capacity. It turns out, like our national anthem says, “we’ve boundless plains to share”.

Humans naturally share. And so Human are sharing their info transparency with you and me. They’ve released it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works licence. They’ve even provided a print-ready, A3 PDF of the poster. Here it is up on the ccAustralia office wall:

Apparently… we’re full poster by Human Ventures Limited (top) and Silent Thoughts by Ali J.

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