Professor Brian Fitzgerald speaking at Public Sphere #2: Government 2.0: Policy and Practice by trib

Even though it’s only been a few hours since our last post, we thought it was worth posting this breaking news from Senator Kate Lundy‘s Public Sphere #2: Government 2.0: Policy and Practice.

Professor Brian Fitzgerald, ccAustralia Project Lead, has been named as a member of a new Government 2.0 Taskforce launched at the event by Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner MP. According to its website, the Taskforce is “made up of policy and technical experts and entrepreneurs from government, business, academia, and cultural institutions” who will advise the government on “increasing the openness of government through making public sector information more widely available to promote transparency, innovation and value adding to government information” and “encouraging online engagement with the aim of drawing in the information, knowledge, perspectives, resources and even, where possible, the active collaboration of anyone wishing to contribute to public life.”

There are a few names on the taskforce that might be familiar to CCers – including Mia Garlick, Assistant Secretary for the Digital Economy branch at the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and former General Counsel for Creative Commons International, and Seb Chan, Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies at the Powerhouse Museum, who is largely responsible for the museum being a leader in open access in Australia and internationally.

Hopefully, this taskforce will help to speed up the adoption of best practice open access and open democracy policies more widely in the Australian public sector.