We want people to share the Asia and the Commons booklet so we’ve provided you with a number of printing options.

If you didn’t get your hands on a copy of the printed volume you can always print your own; we put the booklet up on the print-on-demand service Lulu and provided a print-ready PDF which you can download and send direct to a commercial printer.

If you want to print the book off for yourself on standard printers, we recommend using the general booklet PDF. For standard viewable and printable PDF of different sections of the book see our view the book section.

If you want to print physical copies through a commercial printer we have made a print-ready PDF of the booklet. It has full printer marks and 8mm bleeds on all sides but no slugs. If the file does not download, hold ‘Command’ and ‘click’ your mouse button and select ‘Download linked file as…’ if you use a Mac or ‘click’ your right mouse button and select ‘Save Link As’ if you use a PC.

If you need to change these bleeds, you can download the original Indesign files here.

Icons: © 2008 Function. They were created by Liam McKay and are available for unfettered reuse so long as you link back to the icon set and you do not host them yourself. Per his requirements, you can find the icons here.