Those with an astute eye will have noticed a new banner at the top of our website advertising CC’s Case Studies campaign. We’re trying to build up a picture of how people are using CC across the globe. So if you use the CC licences on your blog/video/music/book/aggregate/indefinable thing, or know someone who does, we want to hear from you!

From the CC International blog:

With upwards of 150 million CC-licensed works published from every corner of the world, no single use case can tell the whole story. Creators and users come to CC for different reasons, and for many, CC solves different problems. We’re trying to capture the diversity of CC creators and content by building a resource that inspires new works and informs free culture.

Creative Commons Case Studies 2009 kicks off today – and we want to hear your story! We’re collecting cases big and small on our re-launched Case Studies wiki, an online portal to upload and discover documentation about CC-licensed projects.

The top community curated stories will be featured on our website and in the next printed volume of Creative Commons Case Studies. You’ll also collaborate with our CEO, Joi Ito, whose doctoral work focuses on select case studies about CC and the sharing economy.

To celebrate the campaign we here at CCau have re-launched our case studies book Building an Australasian Commons in a new, remix friendly form.

Not only are we providing the source materials (InDesign files, images, text etc) for the whole book, we’ve also put together chapter-by-chapter PDFs, so you can download and use only the bit that you want. Next time you’re running a forum, conference or workshop, why not take your own tailored CC case study booklet along?

But the most important thing is getting more case studies, so we can show people what CC can do. We’ve set up a Case Studies wiki so you can add your own story, or one you’re familiar with. Or you can browse the more than 300 case studies that are already there, or even improve, categorize, and assess them. It’s up to you to get involved and tell us what you know.