For those who missed it the first time round, you still have a few more days to fill in the Creative Commons questionnaire on what makes a use noncommercial.

The questionnaire, which has been running for the last couple of weeks, is the second and final round of a survey being run by the head office in San Francisco to collect information on how people understand the term “noncommercial use”. The results of the survey will go towards formulating CC policy, and may even result in a change to the licences.

So this is your chance to shape the future of the free internet – until 28 April, that is, when the questionnaire closes.

From the CC main blog:

During the first phase of the study, which took place last fall, we focused on talking with and surveying creators, using a questionnaire that was fielded to a sample of US-based content creators, and also made available (in an expanded version) to anyone interested. See 1, 2, 3.

Now we want to hear about noncommercial use from the user’s perspective — recognizing of course that the creator/user distinction is itself worthy of study! Whether you consider yourself a member of the Creative Commons community, or are interested more generally in copyright, we hope you will respond. While answering all the questions can take a while, particularly if you have a lot to say, many people who participated last time found it an interesting and useful experience.

If you have an opinion, take 15-25 minutes and express it.