Still from Prototype 24 by Chris Denaro
Creative Commons License

A fabulous new exhibition that has just launched at Metro Arts here in Brisbane does a great job of showcasing the potential for remixed and remixable art in a free culture environment.

Shift, which showcases the work of CC artist Chris Denaro, focuses on the theme of ‘motion’ and is the culmination of a 10 month residency in which Chris worked with found material and other local artists.

Those of you who made it to CCau’s conference and ccSalon in June will no doubt remember Chris’s animations, which were screened on the big screen and plasmas in the venue throughout the day.

Chris draws on CC-licensed material (primarily Flickr photos) and uses programming, design and animation techniques to turn it into completely new works. For example, the works from his ‘prototypes’ project (which were showcased on the CC conference) use looping motion to turn the original photos into moving, morphing creatures that look like they stepped straight out of the Matrix. The animations in turn are licensed under CC, so that others can use and build upon them.

Chris is a great supporter of CC, and was kind enough to let us interview him for our CC case studies project and upcoming publication, Building an Australasian Commons. He’s also been doing a wonderful job of touting CC around town, with an article in the Brisbane Times and an interview on local station 4ZzZ highlighting his use of CC licences and material.

But probably most importantly of all, Chris’s work shows us how creative and original remixed art can be. It’s the perfect antidote to the claim that remix is just ‘rehashing’ other people’s work. No one could argue that Chris’s works aren’t completely unique, innovative and, most of all, beautiful.

Shift will be showing at Metro Arts on Edward St, Brisbane, until 1 November.