I’m sure everyone has been glued to the fabulous new series of ABC’s Not Quite Art, and so there’s no need for me to post this.

But for those who couldn’t get to their TVs – last night’s episode focused on remix culture, and had a great section in CC. This included footage from CCau’s conference and ccSalon in June, interviews with two of our featured commoners, Yunyu and Chris Denaro (don’t miss his exhibition at Metro Arts!), and a great bit from friend of CCau, Mark Pesce.

Oh, and an interview with Lawrence Lessig.

CC aside, the whole episode was a great showcase of some of the fabulous work being down by Australian’s in remix and the copyright debates. I loved the guy (sorry, missed his name) who copyrighted the “tune” created by every Australian phone number. And I’m so going to buy a copy of Pixel Pirates II, Soda Jerk‘s epic tale of the struggle between Elvis and Moses to control copyright culture (check it our below).

For those of you who didn’t manage to catch the show, you can watch it on ABC iView or download the entire thing from the Not Quite Art website (or at least you will be able to once they’ve got it uploaded).