I can’t quite rate the national television appeal of Elliott, but as those who can decipher the flyer to the left can see, I have managed to break the international internet radio market.

And for those having as much difficulty with the Spanish as I am – I’ll be interviewed by Colombian-based Radio Fantasmas tomorrow night at 4pm Colombian time, 10pm European.

Radio Fantasmas Project is a spin off of the Fantasmas Collective, a group of video and other artists working out of Colombia. From their website: “The aim of this project is to promote different local artists working with new technologies, presenting interviews and live presentations of their work through the program. . . This, of course, has allowed us to bring about an interesting dialogue between the artists and the public.”

For those wanting to check the stream out, you can access it at www.rrff.blogspot.com. I’m not sure at this stage what portion of the broadcast will be in English, and what portion will be in Spanish – but it should be an interesting meeting of view points from across the world.