In August 2008, as part of the
CC Case Study Wiki project, CC Australia published Building an Australasian Commons: Creative Commons Case Studies Volume 1.

Edited by staffer Rachel Cobcroft, Case Studies Volume 1 includes 60 stories of how people are using Creative Commons in Australia and internationally. It highlights the excellent work being done by commoners the world over, as well as providing examples, models and guidance for those wanting to explore their copyright options in the digital environment.

Download it
The readable PDF version is available here. Or if you want to do your own print run, you can download the full document with all the bits and pieces printers like here.

Want smaller bits?
If the whole volume is a bit overwhelming for you, or you’re mainly interested in one area, you can download each of the chapters as an individual booklet below. Next time you’re running a music business forum, or a teachers educational workshop, why not take a pile of sector-relevant booklets along?

Build your own
Better yet, why not make your own book, using only the case studies that interest you. Below are all the Indesign source files. So you can remix, recycle and reuse the book to create booklets, fact sheets or hand outs that are tailored to your region, field, or event. Just make sure you obey the CC Attribution licence for the text, and the licences for the individual photos (which you can find in the document).