Those who have been following the CC Case Studies wiki will be familiar with Ancient Free Gardeners, a Melbourne-based indie band who use CC licences to distribute their music. We’re very pleased to announce that AFG have released their new single, Innards Out, under a CC BY-NC-SA licence, which allows it to be freely distributed and even remixed. And they’re getting quite a bit of attention from it.

Since their launch a couple of weeks ago they’ve been getting airplay on community radio, been promoted on a number of prominent music blogs, and have even been interviewed about their decision. Most importantly, the single has been downloaded several thousand times from their website – they even had to upgrade their servers to cope with the demand. And they attribute a good part of this attention to the CC licensing.

So download the single, send it to your friends, remix it into a new piece. And if you like what you hear, go to a gig or buy an album. Watch this space for more news about competitions etc featuring the song.