That’s right – the kooky CCau duo Mayer and Bettle are back! And this time, they have a friend.

Following on from their fabulously successful cinematic debut, in which they introduced us all to Creative Commons, the new film provides a bit of an update as to what has been happening in Creative Commons over the last two years, and gives us a bit more information on using the Creative Commons licences. To do this, they travel into Creative Commons world, and run into one of Bettle’s fans and collaborators, Flik.

Like the previous animation, this sequel was commissioned to inform young people (mainly targeted at upper high school) about the Creative Commons licences. It was produced by the original team, with animation by Pete Foley and sound and music by Chris Perren. The project was co-ordinated by our own Elliott Bledsoe. The animation was commissioned for the QUT Smart Train, which will be traveling around Queensland over the next few months, telling people all about some of the great things happening here at QUT.

And the animation is, of course, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence. This means you can distribute, re-use and remix it as you like. Cut up the animation, grab the sound, play with the music – we’d love to see what people can do with our little guys.

And here are some downloads to help with the remixing:

– the full video in high resolution flash format;
– the script

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