Australian-based video distribution platform and network EngageMedia have released a Facebook application that allows users of the social network to embed the ‘Latest Videos‘ feed into their profile. The widget, Latest Videos (+ to profile), further expanded the potential reach of videos published under open content licences.

EngageMedia uses the Attribution-Noncommerical-NoDerivative Works 3.0 unported licence as the default copyright management for content on the site. And they allow filmmakers to choose any other Creative Commons licence or the GNU Free Documentation licence (or any other type of licence specified by the user) to help facilitate the distribution of their content. This type of licensing facilitates legal syndication of the content, including syndication via the Facebook application.

For EngageMedia, this widget furthers its aim to show you films you might never have seen on a distribution platform that is free from “the control of big media conglomerates.”

For more about the widget, read here.